Wednesday, July 9, 2014

12 Facts About Asylum Seekers

Just in case you want to weigh in to the argument, you might as well start with the facts, not the BS.

12 Facts About Asylum Seekers
1. It is not illegal to arrive in Australia and ask for asylum.
2. The Refugee Convention specifically states that asylum seekers cannot be penalised for arriving by means which might otherwise be considered illegal.
3. In Australian law, arrival without documentation is “unlawful” or “irregular” but not illegal so long as an asylum seeker presents himself or herself to the authorities to make a claim for asylum.
4. The Refugee Convention stipulates that any claim for asylum will be given proper consideration.
5. The Refugee Convention prohibits “refoulement” or the return of refugees to the jurisdiction from which they are fleeing persecution.
6. UNHCR has stated this week that it has no problem with people being returned to their home country provided it has been established that they are NOT refugees.
7. Those who are found to be genuine refugees are guaranteed protection, but not resettlement. Under the Refugee Convention, the resettlement program is conducted by signatory nations as a voluntary measure.
8. Those who are resettled in Australia are LESS likely to become employed than other immigrants, with about 40 per cent having a job of some sort after the first 4 years.
9. Those who are resettled in Australia are MORE likely to engage in education than other immigrants, with 23 per cent earning a university or technical college qualification after the first 5 years, and about 40 per cent of refugees earn some sort of qualification.
10. Those who are resettled in Australia are MORE likely to receive welfare benefits, with about 85 per cent receiving some sort of payment after the first four years. This compares to about 30 per cent of Australians overall. However, more than 50 per cent of refugees are categorised as either studying full time, setting up a business which is not yet profitable, working as an unpaid carer or simply retired.
11. Those who are resettled in Australia are LESS likely to commit a crime, with a crime rate of about 0.04 per cent compared to the community average of about 1.9 per cent.
12. There are up to 50 million displaced people in the world right now. About 20 million are considered refugees. About 10 million are registered with the UNHCR. In the 38 years from the beginning of 1976 until the end of 2013, a total of 69,445 asylum seekers arrived in Australia by boat.

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